We review and update our curriculum on a regular basis. Find the class that speaks to you and start on your path of self discovery.

Dream Interpretation – The Basics

This 2.5-hour course will provide you with the basics you need to interpret your dreams: how to remember, record and analyze them. You are welcome to join Terry and other dream course graduates at future bi-monthly Dream Interpretation Share and Practice sessions where we get to as many dreams as time allows. Join us and bring a friend!

Dream Interpretation Share & Practice

Graduates of the four-week Dream Interpretation Basics course are invited to practice what was learned. We will share our dreams with the group for our structured interpretation. There is no charge to attend but you must be a Dream Interpretation Basics graduate to participate. If you haven’t yet been to Dream Weaver’s Dream Interpretation course, you are welcome to join us as an observer. All attendees must register. Please note: This event is usually held on Mondays via Zoom.

Dream work outside a clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy or other professional treatment and should not be used as such. In addition, dreamwork can sometimes be unsettling as it may bring up unpleasant or repressed memories and hurts that have been lingering in the unconscious. Remember you always have the choice of what you share.


Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology. He said, “Digits are for calculations. Numbers have a soul.” Hidden in your date of birth is information about the specific type of life lessons that await you. The letters of your birth name indicate what talents and abilities you carry to master those lessons.

Whether through a private reading or small group setting, Terry will decode your personal numerology chart and explain how to use this powerful information to its full potential. You will also discover when you will reach the peak of your personal nine-year cycle of change.

Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life

In the course you will learn how to use strong visualization, empowering words, and productive actions to create more of what you want in your life. You will have access to more videos, exercises and tools than ever before. Because of the interactive nature of the course, the class size is limited.

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose

You came into this life with a plan and a desire to make a difference.  When you know your life’s purpose, you can set daily intentions to guide your actions and fulfill the promise of your mission. You can then focus on the contributions that only you are uniquely qualified to make.

In Terry’s four-week course, you will examine your accomplishments, talents, strengths, desires, and spiritual ideals. You will ponder what brings you joy and what makes you feel complete. Where the answers converge, you may find your life’s purpose. You will leave the course with a draft of your mission statement and an application plan for personal growth and service to others.


Perspectives are courses and book studies conducted via Zoom. This format allows for group discussion and guided meditation that will help you embody what you learn from the books we study.

Do you have a specific book you’d like to study? Let Terry know!